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Have you actually put something into your shopping cart?

You may be requesting to View Your Cart but have not placed anything into your cart yet.

If so, you'll need to return to the site's shopping pages, and place something into your cart to initialize a cart so you can view it.


You may have Cookies turned off in your web browser software

If you have placed at least one item already into your cart, and find yourself at this page, it is because your browser is not accepting cookies.

You have attempted to call a cart function, but your browser did not allow a cookie to be set to initialize your shopping cart. In a rare case your browser may have lost our cookies reference to your order.

You browser may be configured in its settings to refuse cookies being sent to it, or you may have manually refused to accept the cookie. In order to use Shopping on this site, we need to set a harmless reference number for your orders.

The number is meaningless, and contains absolutely no information about you, your internet activities, email, or anything else. The number is a long number, which has meaning only to the shopping system while you are shopping.

Go into your option settings or tool settings for your browser and turn Cookie on. It is usually turned on by default and somehow it has been changed since you bought the computer.

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